Degutopia Training

We are delighted to be able to offer a wide range of training courses for all your degu needs!

Who can attend a degu training session?

-We offer sessions for pet shop staff, degu breeders, zoos, small animal students, degu enthusiasts, owners, etc.! Basically, anyone who has a professional or personal interest in degus and would like to find out more about them. In the first instance this is aimed at pet shops, who can then disseminate degu care information to their customers, but anyone is welcome to get involved!

What training sessions do you offer?

-Our experience enables us to offer a very wide range of degu training themes, a selection of which are listed below. If you or your business would like training in a specific area, you are more than welcome to discuss training requirements with us beforehand so we can tailor a session to exactly suit your needs- we're happy to help! Courses can include:
Sexing degus
Breeding degus and colony set-ups
General degu management

Where does the training take place?

-Wherever you would like! Chloe personally provides the training courses which involve hands-on degu training, so she is happy to host training sessions with her degu colonies in Leicester. She is also happy to travel to a location near to you, for example visiting your workplace to provide training. It may be possible to bring some degus along in these cases, but it is perhaps more convenient to train using your own degus on-site. Please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements!

How long are the training sessions?

-They last for anything from one hour up to all day, depending on how many questions you have!

Sounds great! How much does it cost?

-Our courses are absolutely free. We only ask that you pay for our travel expenses if you would like us to come to you (this is typically Chloe and one other person; travel usually by car or train).

Wow! That's a great deal! Do we get certificates at the end?

-We can do certificates by request; please let us know in advance if you would like certificates at the end of the session. There may be a small charge for this (please ask before for details).

This is a really great idea, why do you provide such a great service for free?

-One of our top aims is to freely provide accurate degu information to the people who need it. We know that there is a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to degus, and we strive to ensure that the correct management information gets provided in order to improve the welfare of degus across the UK. We encourage everyone to take full advantage of this service; our training is friendly, fun and free!
We hope to meet you soon!

If you want to arrange a training session for yourself or your staff, just get in touch! We will go out of our way to ensure your degu needs are met and can cater for all levels and abilities of degu experience.

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