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Here you can find the latest articles and published papers written by Degutopia on a selection of degu topics. More articles are added regularly, so check back to see what's new!

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The Eye of the Beholder: Natural beauty Vs. the ignorant breeder

November 22, 2004


Degu Domination: Why your degu shouldn't be the boss of you 

December 09, 2004


Crime and Punishment: The reward of attention

December 09, 2004


Food for Thought: How appropriate is our degus' diet?

January 26, 2005


How Your Degu Measures Up: The weighting game

April 28, 2005


Blue Degus: Cute but debatable (Julia Riedel)

November 28, 2005


Beaphar's XtraVital Degu Feed Article

November 05, 2009


Pet Street Article: Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

August 03, 2010

Your Pets Magazine: Considerations Before Breeding Degus

April 2012

Your Pets Magazine: Hay!

June 2012

Your Pets Magazine: That's Degu Sense!

July 2012

Your Pets Magazine: Ready? Steady? Degu Action!

August 2012

Your Pets Magazine: Fur Flying Free!

September 2012


Degutopia Feed Trial 1

November 2005


Degutopia Science Selective Degu Feed Trial

April 2009


ESG Labs Total Sugars Analysis

June 2009


Degutopia Degu Nuggets Feed Trial

October 2009


ESG Labs Total Sugars Analysis

November 2009


Degutopia XtraVital Degu Feed Trial

November 2009


ESG Labs Total Sugars Analysis

January 2010


Journal: Proceedings of the IOA- Reproductive vocalisations of the degu

March 2007


Journal: Bioacoustics- Vocalisations of the degu (Octodon degus), a social caviomorph rodent

December 2007


Journal: Proceedings of the IOA- Pups of the degu (Ocotodon degus) include ultrasonic frequencies in care-eliciting calls March 2009


Journal: Reproduction in Domestic Animals- Pup growth rates and breeding female weight changes in two populations of captive bred degus (Octodon degus), a precocial caviomorph rodent


May 2009


Journal: Journal of Veterinary Dentistry- Common dental disorders of the degu(Octodon degus). October 2012



Case Study: Surrogating degu pups

July 08, 2008


Case Study: Blood glucose treatment in a diabetic degu (Jo Bridges)

March 2009


Case Study: Leg amputation in a degu pup

July 2011



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