Degutopia's Goals

Exactly what are Degutopia's aims?

-Degutopia aims to provide a complete source of degu information freely available to everyone
-Degutopia aims to dispel degu 'myths' by only providing accurate, referenced scientific material
-Degutopia aims to give advice based on our own experience and research, and the research of others, in order to improve the lives of degus everywhere
-Degutopia aims to be the leading source of accurate, collaborative degu information

-Degutopia aims to create a 'degu pedigree' by compiling lineage, age and location details of degus worldwide
-Degutopia aims to provide this information to allow breeders to select unrelated degus and hence control degu inbreeding
-Degutopia aims to hold the largest degu database to date!

-Degutopia aims to expand the understanding of degus through independent, original research
-Degutopia aims to make the results obtained available to everyone
-Degutopia aims to improve the care of degus everywhere by insights gained through research

-Degutopia aims to 'iron out' genetic problems that afflict pet degus in the UK through carefully controlled breeding
-Degutopia aims to provide the first working degu breed standard with criteria selected for health
-Degutopia aims to reduce the occurrence of the most common genetic problems such as:
--Heritable diabetes
--Dental malocclusion
--Shortened longevity
--Sinus complications
--Congenital cataracts
-Degutopia aims to give degus the best chance in life possible, because we care about our degus!