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If you are concerned that your degus are sick or ill, please contact your local vet for vetinary advice.

Please note that the Degutopia team get a lot of e-mails and are really busy, so you may not receive a response right away.

For a fast response, post your question in our Yahoo forum instead.

For specific degu questions, it may be useful to check the FAQ sections or search the site before e-mailing to make sure your question hasn't already been answered somewhere!

If your question is about degus fighting between the months of Nov-Apr in particular, you might want to have a look at our fighting guide first!

Please send any queries and comments to

Alternatively, if you'd like to contact a specific Degutopian directly:

~   Chloe @    For general enquiries about the website

~   Kim @    For enquiries about the group/forum

~   Melissa @    For enquiries about the group/forum and degu related pet shop concerns

~   Nik @    For enquiries relating to Facebook or Degu Mania

~   Rachel @    For enquiries about the group/forum

~   Valerie @    For enquiries about the group/forum

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