Degutopia's Founder

The Founder

Just who started the wonderful world of Degutopia?

My name is Chloe Long, and in 2002 I founded the concept of Degutopia. ^That's me with the degu on my shoulder^! It all started when I rescued an animal that I'd never heard of before to stop him going to the RSPCA centre. I tried to find information on the little fellow and saw a big chasm of knowledge just waiting to be filled! Back then, not only was it hard to find out about degu care, but a lot of the information out there was conflicting and dubious at best. Being a scientist, I collected together all the scientific papers, research and knowledge about degus from around the world, and put it all together on this site for everyone to use.

Degutopia is now so much more than the best source for degu information on the web. As an organisation, Degutopia helps to improve the lives of degus all over the world by providing accurate, scientific information given by the founder (that's me!), members, scientists and researchers worldwide. I myself am also involved in my own degu research and data collection, some of which can be actively contributed to by every degu owner with access to the internet- including behaviour, vocalisations, age, health, growth and genetic research, as well as leading new areas of interest found along the way. Degutopia is currently the only international degu organisation to offer a comprehensive degu registration scheme, open to all degus, to create a working pedigree- and it is of course free to anyone owning one of these lovely creatures!

Chloe and degu pups

I'm a biologist researching animal behaviour and bioacoustics, and (amongst other things) I'm currently involved with degu vocalisation research. You can keep up to date with my findings by visiting the sounds page. Although a scientist at heart, I always ensure that the welfare of the degu comes first- you won't find anyone out there who cares more passionately about degus!

Now that you know more about the founder of Degutopia, why not assist her in her quest for improving degu life by taking some of our surveys and registering your degus?


In January 2015, Chloe was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic adenocarcinoma, with a huge mass in her liver. This was a complete surprise and she has been battling with the cancer ever since. Having spent a lot of time in hospital and undergoing chemotherapy, it has been difficult to keep Degutopia up and running, but with a little help it's still ticking over. Please bear with us as the site is being updated less frequently, thank you for your continued support!