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Would you like your very own Degutopia degu?

At Degutopia, a large part of the work we do is breeding degus selectively to improve their health, genetics and quality of life. All the work we put into our degus makes them special, and gives you the unique opportunity to share this with us in the form of your pet.


Due to Chloe's illness, we are not currently breeding or running a waiting list at this time. If you are looking for degus, please consider checking out the adoption section.

If you would like to own a pair (or more!) of unique Degutopia degus, all you need do is ask. Simply send us an e-mail giving your name, contact details, UK location and number of degus wanted, and we will consider adding you to our waiting list. We ask all new list members to answer a few simple questions via e-mail about degu care to make sure you're ready when your degu pups arrive!

All our degus come with the Degutopia guarantee that they have been bred to the best of our ability, true to our policy. You will find that our degus are very competitively priced, too! Of course, we only sell our degus in pairs or more, all the same sex. The price for a pair of our degus is £40, while our sliding scale pricing means it works out cheaper for you to buy more than two at once. We don't make profit from our degus, as we put this money straight back in to Degutopia, funding projects such as leaflet production, degu training materials, running the website, feed testing and exhibiting degu information at shows. Not only can you be sure that we put a lot of love and care into each and every one of your degus, you will also find that our babies are very friendly and partially trained, ready for their new owners!

Please note that we are now based in Milton Keynes (MK6) (UK). You are welcome to arrange a time to come and have a look at the pups and all our adult degus at our home. Once the pups are ready to be homed, we will contact you to arrange collection of your pups. You must be able to travel to Milton Keynes to collect your degus, we don't ship our animals.

Your new degus will come with an owner's information pack. This contains our contact details, care information leaflets, the Degutopia breeding certificates unique to each of your degus and also their registration certificates. If someone claims to be selling Degutopia degus, always ask to see both the breeding AND registration certificates, and ask us to confirm. Remember, we don't breed for anyone else!
We promise that you won't find anywhere else offering a better service for you and your degus.


How long will I have to wait?- This depends on the time of year (when our degus breed), the number of litters we have currently, the age of the pups and the number of people on the waiting list. The list operates on a first-come first-served basis, so the sooner you ask, the sooner you will be able to take your degus home. Degutopia will always tell you the waiting list status, and how long you might have to wait.
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