Donate to Little Bites Rescue

Little Bites needs YOU!
If you would like to consider donating something to this fantastic rescue in order to help the degus there, please take a look at this list of items required by them. Anything from the list will really help them, but they are especially in need of donations of degu food and cages, due to the high demand they have currently. Please contact them here to obtain their address for delivery.


Degu food - Our degus all eat Pets at Home Degu Nuggets, we get through one bag every few days!
Bedding and substrate - Anything suitable for bedding material, including kitchen roll and shredded paper, and Megazorb substrate.
Toys - Any suitable degu toys are greatly appreciated by our rescue degus to liven up their day. From things to chew to shelves, ladders, cargo nets, anything that would enrich a degu cage.
Treats - Treats that are sugar-free and nutritious are also welcomed by our degus. A bag of monkey nuts or sunflower seeds would go down very well!
Wheels - As you can imagine, with all those cages, our degus need an awful lot of wheels! Any wheel with a diameter over 10 inches is much appreciated. The plastic ones will do but they do get chewed! You can even make us one out of a cake tin (see here).
CAGES - This one is extremely important for us, as the more cages we have, the more degus we can help. If you happen to have an old or spare cage that you no longer need, and it is suitable for degus, then this is probably the best gift we could be given.
Dust bathing - A dust bath and/or dusting clay for our degus is always a welcome gift.

Peggy and Nigel thank you for your kind support, on behalf of all the rescue degus.