Degus Available for Adoption

Little Bites Rescue in Luton, UK, currently has over 80 degus available for adoption, of all ages, genders, and personalities! On this page you will see just a few of the degus in need of a loving, forever home. With so many degus to choose from, anyone interested is encouraged to contact Peggy and Nigel to arrange a visit, as they can help match degus to their new owners!

Further details about adoption can be found on the About Little Bites page.

>Jack & Daniel<

These two adult males have been waiting for a home for some time. They're very friendly and eager to greet you!

>Father & Son<

This adult male was brought in with a litter as a result of accidental breeding, due to a sexing error at the pet shop the parents were bought from. He's looking for a new, forever home, along with his son.

>Two Young Males<

These two young boys are less than a year old, they were originally part of the pet shop litter. Curious and friendly, they often get overlooked by people, but they have a lot of love to give and are ready to develop that special bond with the right owner! Could it be you?

>Bosch & Jelly B's Male Pups<

Mum and Dad arrived at the rescue with a huge litter of 16 pups! The male pups here are all fully weaned and ready to go to new homes. They simply love monkey nuts!

>Bosch & Jelly B's Female Pups<

All the female pups from the litter are also fully weaned and looking for their forever homes. Like their brothers, they are also nuts for monkey nuts!

>Six Young Females<

These girls are all great pals and less than a year old. They're really friendly and relish the chance to come out and explore, they will really appreciate an owner who can spend the time with them that they deserve.

>Group of 13 Females<

This large group of degus consists of girls of various ages. They're really well socialised and can be homed in larger groups, although you will need a large enclosure if you want to adopt all 13!

>Denis & Pepsi<

This dynamic duo of mature males have recently been integrated, and couldn't be more different! Denis is the confident and outgoing character, while Pepsi is the more shy, retiring type. Their new owner needs to work with them each in a way suited to their character, and will be rewarded by a very entertaining friendship!

>Jimmi & Cricket<

Two mature males who are very sweet and deserve a home where they will be much loved. Do you have room in your heart for them?

>Chutney, Pickle & Marmalade<

These 3 mature girls are absolutely lovely, and get on very well together. They would like to find their forever home as a group.

>Three Young Males<

This groups of 3 boys are less than a year old, and looking to be homed together with a loving new family.

>Six Young Males<

This group of 6 boys get on really well together as you can see! They could be homed as a single group if you have a big enough enclosure, or even two groups of three. They are all less than one year old and ready to start a new adventure with you!