Degu Age Survey


Degutopia needs YOU! All you degu owners out there, you can now take part in valuable degu research. This survey is collecting data on how long our degus are living for, so as to estimate the quality of the current pet degu gene pool. Remember, your vote counts, and the results will benefit future degus everywhere. It couldn't be simpler- just fill out the form below (please only do this once each year) and your results will be mailed directly to us!


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What is/was the approximate age of the oldest degu you have had?

One year
Two years
Three years
Four years
Five years
Six years
Seven years
Eight years
Nine years
Ten or more years

Is your eldest degu currently..

What is/was the gender of this degu?  What is your location? 

If deceased, what was the cause of death?

Please press submit once and wait for confirmation screen to appear!

When we have collected sufficient data, the results will begin to be published on Degutopia, and we'll do our best to keep you informed at every step. For automatic updates, why not join our group mailing list?


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