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Here's where you can find further details about the waiting list for Degutopia pups.

 If you have a question that's not answered below, or you would like more information about any of the points, please don't hesitate to contact us! 


  • We only sell our degus in same sex pairs or more. Because of the hard work we put in to making sure their genetics are super healthy, we can't give the same person males and females from our stock- that would just be silly! This also means that where a list member is waiting for either sex degus, they are waiting for either two or more male pups or two or more female pups (i.e. they just didn't mind which).

  • Our degus breed once every year, during breeding season. This means we have pups every year between January-April, and we often have more than one litter at once depending on how many of our females have been successfully mated. This means that although it can seem a long time to wait, once breeding season approaches things get moving very quickly! It also means that if you're unlucky enough to miss out on the current year's litters, you will have to wait until next breeding season for your pups. Sorry, but our girls need time off! ;)

  • We send out e-mail updates once a month to all list members. These updates contain your waiting list position, the latest news from us and an estimated length of time until our next litters. Things may seem quiet during the post-breeding season, but don't forget you can contact us any time for the latest news!

  • We ask all list members to provide a contact phone number. Although we prefer to keep in touch via e-mail, Chloe does call each list member during pup weaning when they have been allocated pups. This is just to confirm that they are ready to take them home, and to arrange a time for collection. If you don't provide a contact number it is much harder for us to allocate pups to you, and in the worst case it could result in removal from the list if you don't respond to our e-mails. Don't worry, though, we make every effort to ensure this won't happen and will provide plenty of warning. The easiest way to prevent loss of your place is to keep in touch!! Please let us know if you plan to go away over the breeding season, so we understand if we don't hear from you.

  • You will need to bring a cage suitable for transporting your degus home when it's time to collect your pups (unless we are delivering them). We find the best type of cage to use is a medium-sized wire frame hamster cage. Don't worry if this cage has a plastic base, as your degus will be unlikely to chew the base on their first trip home, and we can provide plenty of hay for them to eat instead. This cage will also come in handy for other transport purposes, such as cleaning your degus out, or if they ever need to visit the vets. DEGUS DIE IN HOT CARS, so please make sure you read through the advice on traveling with degus before you come to collect your pups- planning is the key.

  • We reserve the right to remove people from the waiting list, although we make every effort to give plenty of warning. We have a lot of trouble with people who ask to be put on the list to wait for our pups, then, once they are allocated pups, 'disappear' and do not respond to any of our e-mails, phonecalls or texts. We think that this is just plain rude, and it is not fair on people who have been devoted to waiting for our special degus. In particular, it is not fair on our pups, as it delays our allocation process when they could already have been taken home and started bonding with their new owner. Please treat the waiting list, and our degus, with respect. It doesn't take a minute to e-mail and let us know you would like to be removed from the list.

  • When you first ask to be put on to our waiting list, we e-mail every list member the same few simple questions about degu care. This is just so we can be sure you're ready to give a good home to your degus, and all the answers can be found on Degutopia's website. Don't worry if you don't get all the answers right first time- we always help you on the areas you need to read up on!

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