Breeding Survey


Degutopia needs YOU! This survey is to get some valuable information about the degu breeders out there and their breeding style, as well as any thoughts about showing degus. It couldn't be simpler- just fill out the form below (please only do this once) and your results will be mailed directly to us!


Please only complete this survey if you currently breed degus.

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-How many degus do you currently have involved in breeding programmes?-

Eleven or more

-Of these degus, how many are male and how many are female?-

Male Female

-How many litters do you have per female each year?-

1 or less
2 or more

-And how many litters do you have in total on average each year?-


-Do you intentionally breed colours other than agouti (brown)?-


-What is your average litter size per female?-


-What is your preferred method of breeding?

Male and female cohabiting year round
Male and female cohabiting during breeding season only
Individual mating sessions during breeding season
Other method

-And what is your location?-


-Would you be interested in showing your degus?


-And are you aware of the breed standard criteria outlined on Degutopia?


-And if you are, do you try and follow the standard?



Please note that pressing the submit button will send your results to Degutopia via e-mail. Two messages will appear asking you if you want to send us the data- please reply 'yes' and 'ok' to them so we can collect your data! It is Degutopia's privacy policy to never pass on your details to any third party.

Please press submit once and wait for the messages to appear!


When we have collected sufficient data, the results will begin to be published on Degutopia, and we'll do our best to keep you informed at every step. For automatic updates, why not join our group mailing list?

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